1. Live life to the fullest. I expect there will be a tommorrow for 99% of us, but if you only had about 100 of them left, what would you do-where would you go and who would you spend the time with?

2. Tell the people you love, you love them. Look them right in the eyes and tell them. Walk away knowing that they know. Carry that feeling around a while.

3. Be a little patient with people not as smart as you. I am guessing that is a lot of people for most of you. Ignorance is not bliss. Most people are mad and resentful and don't like being talked down to anymore than you do.

4. Share art, music, literature, nodes, etc. Sharing the world says to people- I like this, I like you and-What have you got? If the other person does not "get it" then you have just learned something important, haven't you?

5. At least once a day, stop and be still. For a least two minutes. Listen to what you don't usually hear. Taste the air. Feel the fabric of your chair or your sweater. Experience life as if you have been in a sick bed for 6 months and are finally out of quarantine-

Cool, isn't it?