Oh, so in between. Too early to get dressed, too late to go to sleep. I could lie down, but I would feel worse when the kids run in to wake me, and it wouldn't really help much later. I will just nap in my car at lunch and hope that April will come and yank me out when it is time.

Such a sky, such a morning. Purplegrey clouds pulling away from the black night. Street lights refusing to knuckle under. And you. Oh, my. Yes, you are still here. Waiting. A Labrador by my hearth. Sweet man. His voice:

you are music, do you know that? You always put me in such a mood.

How can I not adore that?

What am I to do with you? Attentive soul, piercing eyes, what AM I to do with you? Here, then is a small thing, I'll disrobe for you, briefly. A furtive movement, but I know you are watching. Some day soon this dance will be with you, instead of for you. My hair on your shoulder instead of my comb's teeth.

I need to go now, please know that I have angels to care for and that our time together will only grow. Don't let those clouds ruin your morning. Don't allow lack of sleep to harm your memory. There are so many sleepless nights for us to come. The best kind.