I want to live a life free of regrets.

I used this exact phrase once with a group of people and had several people disagree vehemently. They said they liked regret and needed it. Needed it in the sense of an acquired scar or bruise, a reminder of a mistake or a lesson. They wanted that "scab" to be there so they could put their fingers on the person or event that caused pain or touched them deeply (before leaving).

To be "free of regret" to move on with your life without undue remorse or attachment seemed unrealistic to them, and several spoke of the hollowness of a life that ignored events that wound us.

" It's not real, and it's not the way life is... life is full of regret and it helps teach us lessons...I love my regret.. I could not live without it."

Not long after that, I heard these lines from Sheryl Crow:

ain't nothing like regret, to make you feel alive

I disagree with her,

ain't nothing like living for today, that makes you feel alive.