-so, like I was saying, she wanted to take it back. Which is goofy of course. I mean who wants it. But this is my sister, she's eight and really into this doing the right thing idea, she tells my mom that we have to take it back and that some kid is missing it and all that jazz. (She talks like that all the time, I mean she's a kid and she talks like 'kids' and all that!) So anyway, she talks my Mom into this and says we have to take it back to the McDonalds today, on the way back from the pool. I tell her ok, although I had sorta planned on adding it to the collage I had made in Art -you know the one with all the animals of Africa- but anyhow- we were gonna take this stupid sign she made on a little note card and so we put the card in her dumb powerpuff girls backpack and go to the pool. We walked across Broad street to donalds and went inside and she put the card up on their bulletin board next to the pictures of raffle winners and old people who drink coffee there.

Found: one slightly damaged happy meal toy

and then we go home and she says they will call us. Im like Im sure. But my mom says "youllneverknow" but I laugh. Later today the phone rings and its my cousin and answer the phone with "toy rescue line" and he laughs and I laugh and my sister goes and squeels. So at dinner shes all sad and everything and then the phone rings and I run and beat her there (shes slow) and I say "toy dump" and its this old lady and she says her grandson lost a toy and do we have it? Im like OH and give it to my mom and then my sister is jumping up and down. So they come over and the little kid has these thick glasses and seems happy to have his dumb three legged Simba and my Mom and my sister hug and she comes inside and sings "I Told You- La La " like that, so I chase her into her room and give her hard noogies until my mom comes.

So thats why Im in my room sending you this email and not watching Survivor . Write back and tell me what happened when its over.