Now, back on public television for your viewing enjoyment. This is what Real World wanted to be and what documentaries are supposed to be about. It is not "real" because real people do not videotape their whole lives. But it is compelling because it is about teenage kids who are close~close~to normal. They are angry, impulsive, talented, scared, loud and inattentive. They are self involved, nervous and cocky. Frequently they come across as nice people, but often you are annoyed. It has several characters, including one problem child with ADD one unlikable gay student and one musically talented girl----sample lyrics:

"I only liked you 'cause you had a car." "girls with guitars-don't make rock stars"

There was a scene in the episode shown on this date where the kid with ADD volunteers to work with disabled adults at a gymnastics club. Watch an unsympathetic kid become patient with people who needs patience more than he does. It's not that dramatic and nobody thinks he is now "changed forever" -it just is . It's plenty.