Sad Sam's female counterpart and companion, made by Applause, Inc. She's the puppy you see all those girls in school carrying around come Valentine's Day.

In terms of colouring, her ears, head and body are gray, with her face, paws, and belly being white. She has giant big blue puppy dog eyes, with felt zig-zag eyelashes sewn on for accentuation. She also has light grey spots on her paws and fluffy pink and white bows on her ears.

After years of longing after what I thought was Sad Sam, I was finally given a Honey pup for Yule this year. She's about 6 inches tall, and when you squeeze her belly, she lets out the cutest puppy dog whine. Somehow, when repeatedly excessively, the whine is still cute.

She stares at me as I write this, with a warm, black knit cap on her head that I put on her to make her just a dash more ghetto. I don't want an innocent, vulnerable, cute pup to be victimized. This is the Bronx, after all.

And yes, I animate all of my stuffed animals. :)