1. Slang for marijuana.

Sample Usage:

  • When seeking to purchase in the ghetto: "Hey yo, where da trees at?"
  • When with friends: "Wanna smoke some trees?"
  • And I found this ripe example at urbandictionary.com: "Yo, i caught my dad smokin trres the other day and i told him if he really wanted to get high to let me roll a dutch of my trees."

(All content hereafter added 12.04)

2. Earning 15 points in dominos (New knowledge courtesy of, again, urbandictionary.com).

3. I also feel this is an appropro time to mention that although urbandictionary.com had this additional information about dominos first, comparatively the site is not as flexibly tree structured as e2 is, and it's definitely not nearly as cool or have as intelligent a populace. Sure, it's got related links in a corner, and voting and whatnot, but sometimes, if I close my eyes while I'm node-surfing here, I almost feel like I've climbed high up into this tree of everything, tangled in branches of knowledge and ticked by leaves of love and... sorry. The objective part of this writeup ended at the end of point number 2. :)