Deeahblita: i'm getting descriptively uncreative
Deeahblita: pretty sky :)
Deeahblita: it is *so* beautiful!
W0NK0DSANE: LOL. Yes, descriptively uncreative.
Deeahblita: /me bites you hard
W0NK0DSANE: /me shivers and trembles, shucks and jives, dances around and smiles. I hope it left a bruise.

Deeahblita: at the heart of a valley between apartment buildings in the bronx rises a fiery pink glow from the sky. It teases the sleep from the blue in the sky, and brings to an early morning blush. For that moment of silence when you get lost in the emotional warmth, you could swear that hollow noise is the sun rumblingspeedingRISING to it's place above the earth
Deeahblita: The sky lightens to the color of daydreams, that gentle blue that reminds us of a summer twilight..
Deeahblita: where serenity and passion meet, lies a delicate piece of infinite sky that shows the love and harmony between day and night, the sun and the moon, the God and the Goddess
Deeahblita: You feel the earth yawn and stretch and sway in it's morning ritual
Deeahblita: The sunrise is never intrusive

W0NK0DSANE: OK. Not uncreative. Comment withdrawn.
W0NK0DSANE: Sorry about delay, am in process of removing Eddie forehead scar.
Deeahblita: That's fine, you're giving me my daylog here :)
W0NK0DSANE: /me is a male muse?
W0NK0DSANE: /me tries to look noble or something.

Deeahblita: The sky is swept in brilliant colours, the vibrant orange and pink and gold...and there you see an image in the sky! The clouds...they appear to form reads...e2.... You scream out - "yes! YES! It's Meant to Be! I've found the key to life! E2!"

Deeahblita: Wonko, do you think I should change the ending?
W0NK0DSANE: Drop the E2 at the very end.
Deeahblita: Sorry, I got a bit empassioned :)
W0NK0DSANE: Heheh. impassioned is good, there is a place for repetition, but I think without the last E2, it is better.
Deeahblita: it's im not em?
W0NK0DSANE: I think, yes.
W0NK0DSANE: Both appear to be correct.
Deeahblita: /me had rush the ending of the story..the sky is still pink and rising very slowly..heh

Later on that day...

W0NK0DSANE: LOL. Lookit that. A whole buncha my hard fought writing in there.
W0NK0DSANE: Little plagiarist.
W0NK0DSANE: :snickers and hides:
Deeahblita: /me grins
Deeahblita: so spank me. sheesh
W0NK0DSANE: Are you asking me to reward bad behavior? Heh.

W0NK0DSANE: Footprints read my talents page and didn't believe I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
W0NK0DSANE: I can usually manage two knots per stem, actually.
W0NK0DSANE: Once I got three.
Deeahblita: does this mean you give good head?
W0NK0DSANE: I am not untalented at cunnilingus.
W0NK0DSANE: well, there's a difference beteween "not untalented" and two knots in one stem, IMHO
W0NK0DSANE: I am also naturally humble. :falls out of chair laughing at himself: