No longer do geeks have to be ashamed of the fact that they too have amorous desires!

Now geeks can easily express their desires and affections without shame through the use of a less obvious (to the outside viewer) type of PDA.

Now fellas - when you see a cute GeekGrrL on the subway or at Starbucks tapping away at her Palm Pilot let her know she caught the attention of your, um - cellphone antenna - by beaming her that cute little smiley face drawing with your phone number!

The joy of today's PDA is that you don't even need to work up the nerve to speak to her or physically reach out your sweaty hand to give her that business card. You don't need to come up with something witty and clever to say. You are already deviantly clever for devising this idea to beam! She'll get the impression you want to project without much effort.

Handling rejection is also less painful than before. If in one weeks time she doesn't call, it's easy to rationalize to your benefit - at least she accepted the beam.

What a GeekStud! ;)