There is a product line of cold medicines put out by The Monticello Companies, a company in Jacksonville, Florida, called 666 Cold Preparation.

I recently became aware of its existence when I walked into my local ghetto Met Foods and started looking at the cold stuffage, which is kept behind a counter. A big dude comes up behind me and asks me if I need help. I ask for Robitussin, and instead of immediately going behind the counter and getting me what I asked for, he looks at me, takes a step back, and says, "You look like you fell on your face."

Considering I had the flu of doom, I didn't appreciate this comment and started getting all demonic on him. "I don't want to talk right now. Can I just have the fucking Robitussin? I'm really fucking sick," I snapped, near tears. A register girl gave me a dirty look.

He goes behind the counter, and while telling me of his own recent bout of the death flu gives me the three different Robi's I wanted to compare, and then hands me another box. "Try this," he said. And with that, he walked away.

I turned over simply designed box and read the ingredients: Acetaminophen, DXM, and Pseudoephedrine...hmmm...more what I needed than the combinations of Robi had in them. And it was cheaper, too!

I deliberated for a long while, and decided on the strange bottle. I had the net to do research with when I got home, and I needed feel miraculously better in order to go to work the next day, so I put my health in the devil's hands, or so I started to joke. Get home, do quick research, take a dose. It's surprisingly liquidy, not excessively goopy, and doesn't taste half bad (Though, next time I'm sick I'm going to try Buckley's, just for the sheer intrigue).

Some time later, a little loopy, I take stock. Pain is gone, I can breathe through my nose, still can't entirely breathe because my lung capacity is fer sux since I'm now a smoker, but it's all good. It worked, at the very least.

The company's website maintains that the name is innocent in origin and came from a prescription number for its original medication, a treatment for malaria, developed by the founder in 1880.

As a mocking yet seemingly pro-666 website ( taunts, this is something to take when you have a "Hell of a cough." I'd have to agree.

For more information on 666 products, check out their website at