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Vicky Swanky Is A Beauty is a collection of [short shorts] or [postcard fiction|fictions compact enough so as to be spacious if printed on a postcard]. Some of the stories may qualify as being [flash fiction]. Some of the stories may not. All of the stories were written by [Diane Williams]. Diane Williams writes [parsimony|taut little tales].


[all your faults in me|My Defects]

[Birds still sing at 4:00 AM|Between Midnight and 6 AM]

[My rubber ducky is stalking me|If Told Correctly It Will Center On Me]


[deathbed|Death Bed]


[Home is where the heart is. Home is in the ribcage.|My First Real Home]


[day job|On the Job]

[Mood] Which Gripped Me

The Use of [fetish|Fetishes]

[Woman In Rose Dress]

[Weight, Hair, Length]


The Wedding Mask Door Pull

[Plan towards aspiration, and marvel at its destruction|Religious Behavior]

Highlights of the [Twilight]

[Lavender braised chicken|The Newly Made Supper]


[anorexia nervosa|Chicken Winchell]

[Rudy Giuliani Gift Shop and Sex Emporium|The Emporium]

Give Them Stuff


If You Ever Get Three Or Four Laughing You Weren't Soon To Forget It

[How, though the Sphere shewed me other mysteries of Spaceland, I still desired more; and what came of it|Protection, Prevention, Gazing, Gratified Desire]

[What a b what a b what a beauty| Vicky Swanky Was a Beauty]

Carnegie Nail

Stop When The Person Becomes [Restless] Or [away from me|Irritable]

 and other stories

A version of "Religious Behavior" with a longer ending may be found [|here where] it is followed by a story not in this book.

If this book were not a book but rather a musical composition then its sound would be that of a [Mille Plateaux|rhizome], with as many discrete units of song as a [noisecore] record.

Many of the stories here are wry or grim and may require a [Repetition is a form of change|second reading] in order for the reader to get it. Each of the stories features a different narrator. Some are [Many nodes with only short sentences in them.|as short as] the shortest paragraph in this review. Some stretch to two or even three pages.

The reviewer picked out this book purely as a result of its [judge a book by its lover|cover], which features a [|painting of a cock by a dead Croat.]

On the back of the book there is a number of blurbs on a removable sticker. [Deb Olin Unferth], [Sam Lipsyte], and [Ben Marcus] all lauded [Diane Williams] for the singularity and force of her [prose before hos|prose].

This would be a fun book to read to someone who is soaking in a [Books to read in the bath: Avoid waterdamage at all costs|bathtub].


Published by [McSweeney's] in 2012

118 pages

roughly 13.5 x 20 cm

twenty USD

ISBN 978-1-936365-71-5