A hush, a whisp, the shape of a denial as order fades.

Two ways to say and sashay, three sings the dukes down while referees smuggle adversarial majesticies under rhetorical cloak devices left alone beside the stationary cycle

as the tune tends, on repeat. So it goosesteps, if Locke cares to see more.

Adding on the bulk of the day in cremini mints as cork slings corn for the sake of no ledge.

Tiny is how the teeth get caught. The careful study of disavowals in constancy and fancy eastside sinks. Nothing says no to binary quite like s'mores.  The hunger basks in beer so the batter spits out an imaginary stop short of the mark.

Conditional verse admits the fête as the cognition exits in doves. What the red turn diverges in ease, the cars deign to let each tarn issue its own set of objectives. A chance with meeting a shopworn happenstance graft, culling the learnt bias at once.