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Orisinal is a website owned by [Ferry Halim] that makes [cute] little [flash] [games]. Halim also makes [edutainment] titles for [boys and girls]. Here's an [|interview with Ferry Halim on him and his work.]

Orisinal began in [2000] and is subsidized by inobtrusive adverts. Some of the games are also available as apps for mobile devices so you can play them [Morning Twilight|whenever you like]. 

Orisinal games are [User Friendly|easy to learn on the quick] and feature slick, colorful animations. Each game has its own unique soundtrack too—the music is enjoyable and not grating at all. On the main screen there is an array of [icons] for each different game. You won't know [Bubbles|which] is [rainbows|what] until you [sunshine|click] on [rainbow|one]. Directions will follow; most are [intuitive|simple enough] that you could begin playing without reading them at all.

My favorite one is called [friends for life|Friends Stick Together] and has a [The Tortoise and the Hare|rabbit with a turtle] on its back. The goal of this game is to shoot apples off a tree with the pea shooter that the turtle carries. The pea shooter doubles as [Whacking Day|a stick that may be used against snakes]. Look out for [death from above|birds carrying bombs]!

[wertperch] recommends "the one with all the little birds that have to jump over things". Whichever sort of game you like, one of these little gems will surely please you more than [Angry Birds].

[lovejoyman]'s favorite is called Bugs. I forgot to mention before that the games do have names, but those names are not listed on the main screen.

Are these [perfect game|games perfect]? [|Decide for yourself!]