Walking about for hours without realizing I was dreaming. Wa all were—walking, dreaming, dancing, drinking, and so on, until dawn.

Discovered that by first holding my breath, and then modulating it, I could rise. Very high very fast. Holding onto something heavy as ballast helped slow the process down. Steering was possible, albeit shaky.

There was a people mover and people too. Exiting one club—or was it a ?grocery¿—I fell in line with a friend and she laughed at my initial lapse of recognition.

There was time even. Not enough to last, as it seemed to get the best of us all, moving in all directions.

Boarding the people mover and finding people I had not seen in years, all lined up in matching pairs. I lacked matches and had no light. Borrowed one then lost the lender. Didn't realize then that I had nothing to light either.

Crawling forward in the people mover as it crawled backward I felt like an (impotent) king.

Got off at the gazebo only to find that I could not get off. Again there were finely chiseled stoneworks, left up for grabs. People and people and people and people walking past, not seeing these exquisite works of art left beneath a bench. The bench was occupied.

Held my breath until I held her hand and we went up past the rooftops, past more plateaux than I knew there were. Were there modulations she asked and when I shrugged we drifted down to a rocky dinging.

Jumping back to the bench, she left, telling me to guard the slabs for when the bench was unoccupied and thy could be ours. Instead I held my breath again and practised, taking small discards along with, shortened distances. Landing again and again until she pointed to me that another couple found the chiseled slab and were walking away, too fast for us to even say a word.

They ascended by the by.

The other, unchiseled slabs were removed, somehow. The bench was empty.


The last stop of the people mover took me to a wake. A corpse (lay spread out on a bed of leaves on a stone altar), a friend whom we knew, and there were casseroles for all and cooks and such to boot. A fire beside the forest and I forget what else—it felt like someone else's dream, really.

But there were monkeys too»»»»lots and lots of monkeys, undulating.  Finally after much noise, the monkeys accepted the corpse, their tails straight up with anus clearly evident & lowered the corpse into the opening below.


I never woke up.