Tuesday's gone.

There was rain. Massive storm system rolled on in easterly these past 24 hours.

It kept me awake last night.

Or I kept myself awake last night, what with wine and reading bits and pieces of books very slowly. Actually began and finished a whole book (it was too short and too much fun; you'd like it) sometime after the sun went down. I'll node about it laters.

The one thing I will tell you now that I read was a story by Etgar Keret called Cheesus Christ. It was in one of the McSweeney's from last year, translated from Hebrew and very funny: about death and a chain that only sold cheeseburgers.

The layers of corporate culture lend themselves to satire all too easily.



Last night I made dinner: quinoa and lamb logs. They were supposed to go on a stick and be broiled but the ratio got all fucked up and I didn't use tomato sauce because my mother is convinced that the tomato aggravates her joints. Instead I added in chopped olives and cherry preserves.

They ended up being a little too overdone but otherwise OK. I ate mine with ketchup.

Must eat more quinoa.



Slowly realizing that many things I never thought would happen have not and even more things that I thought would never happen have. Happened, somehow.

Still here. If I knew how to leave more meaning I would.