Chop is the nom de MC of Cherub Stewart, a practitioner of hip hop who has been dropping science for the past five years. She hails from the dirty south and makes music that is positive and good.

She rhymes with unbridled speed and a deep passion for increasing consciousness in her audience. love is Chop's raison d'etre: love of sounds and love of people. Teaching is natural to her as she has worked for many years in education. 

Chop has collaborated on stage and in the studio with the likes of Blu and Exile, Tanya Morgan, M1 of Dead Prez, Wu-Tang Clan, Medusa, Planet Asia, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, and Shafiq of SA-RA.

Her field of inquiry is versatile in that she addresses both the historical and contemporary stuff like Sucka MCs on the radio.

My favorite track of her's is called School is In. The refrain is catchy and will make you want to join in: school is in, it's fun to learn, time to get in line.

Currently Chop is working on a new mix tape and an EP.

Her favorite smoothie is made with chocolate syrup, hemp milk, spirulina, banana and almond butter.

You can listen to some of her music here.


NO YORK BLU Annie Hall f. Chop 
The Offering ALIVE & WELL Seek & Find f. Chop 
Open BLU Part Time Suckas f. Chop 
Summertime BATSAUCE Summatime Summatime f. Chop 
Southern Scramble Dos DILLON America f. Chop