Return to A Strange Day (review)

Published in [2005] by [|Alternative Comics]

ISBN: [|978-1891867743]

A 48 page [zine]/[graphic novel|graphic novella] about an [Grr...I'm angsty|angsty] [the Cure|Cure]-head named Miles who skips [high school|school] to buy [Wild Mood Swings|the new album] by his favorite band after [wish[by avalyn]|a four year hiatus].

Miles gets to the local [CD store] ([remember the ninenties?|remember those?]) before it opens. A [Random strangers you remember|friendly girl] named Anna shows up for the same reason. They [Kill time before it kills you|kill time] together until the store opens and then end up [going nowhere|hanging out] for the rest of the [red-letter day|day].

This book alternates between warmth and coldness: Miles has [Pornography] blaring on his car stereo so Anna suggests "[Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me|Kiss Me]" then they freak out [mallwalkers] and show each other their [Tell me about your secret places|secret places].

Overall this story is brief and remains fairly light while touching on some [loss|dark themes]. At times it's pretty predictable. Even so, the interplay between Anna and Miles will strike a chord in any one who has ever been moved by [Robert Smith]'s work or ever just felt [out of step]. Worth checking out for the illustrations: lush, [evocative] yet simple black [inkwork].

I was really happy that neither of the two characters are smokers.

A Strange Day was written by [|Damon Hurd] & illustrated by [|Tatitana Gill]. These two continued the saga of Anna and Miles in 2007's [Pictures of You].