One thing to look out for in Camden Town is the "hash-weed" people, offering cannabis and other substances. Located outside the underground and along Chalk Farm Road, it is doubtful whether they would actually give you any drugs if you handed your money over to them. Along one stretch you may get one man offer you "'ash, weed" while the next "sensimelia, ecstasy", as if they are working together to provide all possible choices. The best way to piss them off is to offer them drugs before they approach you, or to confuse sensimelia with semolina. On walking past a man repeating "charlie, charlie, charlie" my friend responded "No, I'm Harry". The man didn't look too happy.

The area isn't as trendy as it once was, but is rather manic on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a handful of clubs such as the Underworld, the Electric Ballroom and the Camden Palace, and many pubs. Of note is the Dublin Castle on Parkway. Referred to in the Fast Show's 'Indie Club' sketch, the venue plays host to a number of obscure bands, and was an important part of Camden in its guise as Indie Central. Also check out The World's End and a favourite of this noder, J D Wetherspoon branch The Man In The Moon.

These days, Camden has a Gap and a Virgin Megastore, but is as dirty as ever.