I was watching a TV advert for a drama. Suddenly i was in the advert. This mad guy was holding a kid and his mum hostage in a sewer. I saw the manhole open... I leapt down it. The guy had a knife and looked pretty mad. My friend katie appeared. Confusion all around.


All my friends were sitting along the side of the sewer, tied up. The kid and mum were still tied up. The mad guy had turned into a Bond villain. He had henchmen with guns. He attached some explosive devices to the wall. He laughed evilly and escapes up some stairs.

My friend Georgie struggled to her feet. She exaimend the bombs, before announcing they had been set for 30 mins, not 30 secs. My other friend Kevin defused them by pressing a big red button.

We gave chase, running up the stairs. He was shooting at us with a shotgun. He got in a lift, we continued up the stairs, ending up in a shopping mall where my french teacher was waiting. I woke up.

Possible meanings: Inside, I would like to help people in trouble. I am incapable of this. I need others to do it for me. I respect Georgie for her intelligence. I respect Kevin for his leadership skills.