Well, THis is the second day log of today, only because the first one I didn't post correctly and was eaten up by the god of Everything2. *sigh*, well, most of them are garbage anyways. And eventually this node will too. It will dwindle into chatters of nothingless and how my life is just as pathetic as the one next to me. Sure, I have a car, but I don't own a house. I have a girlfriend, but I'm not married. I have a college degree, but I didn't even have a Master of Anything-crap or a Doctorate of Everything-Technical. After thinking a bit more, what's the point?

Event as I contemplate the pathetic tendancy of life, as everyone else on Earth does. I stumbled on something pretty miraclous. You know when people say when you die, you'll go to heaven or hell? And then there are people who said that when you die, you just....die. Like pieces of paper ready to be recycled again. Altough I myself know nothing about the afterlife, by the fact that I've never been there. I have read about literatures of dead people. Yes, well, not the ones that people wrote before they die, rather, they are literatures that people wrote after they die. In fact, they wrote thousands of pages in the hopes that people on earth will listen to their wisdom. They only yearn for the hope that we, as living beings, would one day realize our faults and frailties and eventually turn to living, meaningul spirits filled with God's Divine Love. I said to myself, that could be just it! The Eureka of life. The Treasure that everyone has been hoping for in spite of the monotony of everyday events and the pathetic life that all of us has been living. This, in a sense, the second coming of Jesus Christ. Well, what took *him* so long?

Becoming one of the divine is no easy feat. In fact, one would say that, if you really did got the divine love, everything on earth would be plan pathetic. You will see everyone is as pathetic as a slug. You see people craze over football, drugs, sex, music, even going to church. You almost want to ask them why would they cheer over a guy who can grab a football all the way to the finish line? Or why would you squander all your life savings for a sniff of crack? Why would you sit in front of TV jacking off to people having sex?

But the worst of it all, is to see people forcing themselves to church because they are convinced that they will have a place in Heaven just because they go to church, observe the communion, or pay their tithes on a regular basis. What was also worse, was that speakers' sermon is no longer what they want to write, but what people want to hear in their congregation. For a long time no preacher have said, "you all lazy Christians! Go pray and serve the lord your God!" Instead, most of them used materials spread over the internet, and use stories in the News, trying to form a moral value on things no longer have any meaning. And then what if the preacher has something good to say? well, listeners would fall asleep and doze off. It's as if churches around the world are becoming gossip centers and rumor headquarters. Such is the woe of this world.

I've read that to become divine you would need to pray to God for his Divine Love. Depending on how sincere your prayers are, you might, just one day, receive the infinite, powerful Divine Love in abundance. And then you will be one of the most content people in the world. You would then see the world again, with light in your heart, wisdom from above, and feel sad for those around you that have refused your heed.