This purse is woven (sounds hard but it isn't), and it measures about six inches long, six inches tall, and two inches wide. I made mine with smooth black tape, and most people don’t believe that it’s made of tape at all. All these measurements are assuming your duct tape is 2” wide, which is standard.

  1. To make the front and sides, cut 6 strips of tape 10 inches long (or the length of your purse plus four). Put them together sticky side to sticky side in pairs. Then cut 10 strips 6" long, and put them together in pairs too.
  2. Weave them together, the longer strips going lengthwise. When you’re done, put some pieces of tape on the back to hold it together.
  3. Cut a 10" piece of tape, and cut it in half lengthwise. Fold one half over the top edge of your woven sheet, and put the other half on the bottom. You might have to cut a little tape off the top/bottom edges of the panel to make them straight first.
  4. To make the back, cut 12 strips that are 6" long each. Stick them together in pairs, and then weave them together. Tape the back and the top and bottom edges the same way you did the first panel.
  5. Next, take the first panel you made and fold 2 inches over on each end (the left and right sides, not the top and bottom), these are the sides. Tape them to the second panel from the inside. Cut a strip of tape, and then cut it in half; use it to tape the top and bottom edges together. Where you attached them, the edges of the weave are probably a little loose; I super-glued them together because if you put tape underneath them it shows through.
  6. For the bottom, cut at least 4 strips of tape 7" long, put the first two together, and then add as many more as you like to sturdy it. When you’re done, tape it to the sides from inside and outside the bag. It should be a little longer than necessary, so tuck the extra length inside the bag.
  7. Then to make the strap, cut a long strip of tape and fold it in half lengthwise over itself. You will probably have to use more than one and tape them together. Tape it on to your purse and you’re done!
  8. Now you can customize your new purse with whatever your little heart desires. Add compartments to fit your cell phone, make-up, or duct tape wallet. Hell, you could even add a secret compartment on the bottom for fun illegal substances