His Infernal Majesty, commonly known by the acronym H.I.M., are a quintet from Finland who have sold over a million records, yet are virtually unknown outside of Europe. Their music is described as "love metal" by critics and the music community, however the band prefers the term "Scandinavian Blues."

Their discography includes the albums:

And the singles:

The members of the band are Mige on bass, Linde on guitar, Ville Valo on vocals, Burton on keyboards and Gas on drums.

H.I.M.’s music has been featured quite extensively in the Bam Margera films CKY2K and CKY3 as well as numerous skateboarding videos. Unfortunately, their best known song in North America is a cover of the Chris Isaak song, Wicked Game. As humorous as this version is, it is not an accurate representation of the kind of music H.I.M. is producing.

Wicked Game was actually an EP, but is considered to be a single by their official website, http://www.heartagram.com.