"The Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics" is a book by Gary Zukav

A book about physics that doesn't delve into mathematics. It is a decent read for someone who isn't into math, but would like to know more about physics.

Mr. Zukav didn't differentiate between theory and accepted fact very well. This could be misleading for someone who is not familiar with physics. This book dives into particle physics a bit. He seemed to have stated that the existence of white holes was possible, while the Berkeley Center for Particle Astrophysics disagrees.

I would trust the CFPA @ Berkeley before I would trust a metaphysical writer who has been on Oprah, IMHO. See http://physics7.berkeley.edu/home.html

Gary Zukav also wrote "The Seat of the Soul", the book that he promoted on Oprah. That book has NOTHING to do with physics.