There is this homeless man in his 30's who sometimes hangs around my friend Rob. Rob is an artist who makes art out of other people's trash and likes to listen to what the man talks about, even though most of it doesn't make ANY sense. He calls Rob Henry Kissinger and he sometimes calls me Mrs. James Madison. But I've also been Mrs. George Washington to him.

He likes to switch roles and be other people too. One day, while he was having a conversation with Henry Kissinger, I walked up to say hi to Rob and the homeless man turned, looked me up and down, then stood up on the bench and loudly proclaimed: "I am going to become a single white woman alone in the world and leave this town!!" Then he sat down next to Rob, and stared off at nothing again. Rob said, "I think that was directed towards you.. See, he's still in there. Those little things he says are why I hang out with him"