jittery, cold but hot..

dislocated knee late last week, can't put on right shoe anymore. knee is stuck. no one to help with shoe.

gave up speaking in complete sentences an hour ago. too much work for what it's worth. what is it all worth? a shoe. that's it. it's all about the shoes. if they told me this a long time ago, things would have turned out better, i swear mom. really

it all breaks and shatters and falls, then i realize, that what is really broken, isn't 'it'... it is me.

in own little place, floating away... listening to James Taylor's 'Sleep come free me' over and over and over..

"Set me free, sleep come free me, please please please set me free.. set me free"

the repitition is comforting.

going schiz, will daylog if I get work there