This is a comprehensive layout of all the fielding positions in Cricket, with a right-handed batsman. To adapt for left handers, the mirror image applies. Only 9 of these position can be used at any one time, excluding Bowler and Wicket keeper, which are compulsory. Additionally, in the aftermatch of the Bodyline series, you may only have three players on the leg side behind the bat. This stop you having 5 short legs and bowling at the batsman's ribs (result- lots of catches).

	    LON	                     LO

	       MON	          MO

	 	      Bowler	                        EC

        MW                                       C

                  SMON        SMO


SQL	              Batsman	   SP                   P
                  SL      |                         
		        |                         G    BP
	                 |	                 S4
	                 W	             S3
	                 |	       S2      
	                 |	  S1	

                   FL          TM

LON Long On
LO Long Off
MON Mid-On
MO Mid-Off
DMW Deep Mid-Wicket
EC Extra-Cover
MW Mid-Wicket
C Cover
SMON Silly Mid-on
SMO Silly Mid-Off
CP Cover-Point
SMW Silly Mid-Wicket
SQL Square Leg
SP Silly Point
P Point
SL Short Leg
G Gully
BP BackwardPoint
W Wicket keeper. The line denotes the fact that the wickie can be anywhere along it, depending on the speed of the bowler.
S1-4 Slips First through fourth. Known as a 'Slip Cordon'
45 45, ie 45 degree angle.
FL Fine Leg
TM Third Man
n.b. Backstop is almost never used in cricket over the age of 12, by which time you have competant wicket-keepers.