If you decide to go into business for yourself, even if you "sell stuff," you will never have to wear a suit again, at least until that last time you're seen in public. You will never have to feel the suit jacket wrinkle behind your back each time you sit down, nor worry about getting your starched dress shirt wrinkled each time you buckle your seat belt.

Years ago, when I left the management end of a big outfit and decided to just work on my on, I still wore a suit for a while. Then, I decided to start keeping score. How would my business be if, for one year, I quit wearing a coat? It actually got better.

So, what if I don't wear a tie for a year? It got better still.

What if I don't wear dress shirts, but more casual (and comfortable) shirts? No change.

So, now I work in a pair of nice slacks with nice shoes (the shoes are what most folks who are conscious of "style" will first notice), but with a comfortable shirt ("golf shirts" are great), and I have found that folks will do business with me, even if THEY are wearing a suit.