I had a real life lesson in learning to separate the anal retentives from the slackers. I found you could read "slackers" as an acronym for:

Sloppy Lazy Ass Cock Knockers Earning Remorseful Salaries

I hired folks to work with/for me for 10 years between 1980 and 1990. Some of these folks made a whole lot of money and some even went on to open up their own businesses. But I saw such a decline in the average overall work ethic in this country during those 10 years that it was absolutely amazing to witness. You could practically chart it on a graph with the trend constantly moving downward.

When it got to the point that I could not trust anyone I hired to actually work without me standing over them with a bullwhip, I said "To Hell With It" and just started working by myself. I've been much happier and, most likely, just as rewarded financially as when I had a Staff of what passes for a workforce these days.

It's called anal retention, but it really means that you keep your shit together long enough to get a job done.