Having gone through a period in my life when I was a guitarist who used his nails as finger picks, I can tell you that keeping your nails long is a pain in the ass. Of course, with me, if I broke one it was more than just unsightly -- it was a bad career move. (You could refer to finger picking for more information on all that.)

I keep 'em short now 'cause I don't play the guitar any longer. I do this, instead. And typing is one thing that is much easier with short nails. As are most things in life.

When I go to WalMart or some store where a clerk is trying to work a cash register with 2" fake nails, I think to myself, "Hmmm. Those nails aren't really making you look any better; they are just making it harder for you to finish your job so that I get can get my freaking ass out of this goddamned store." Well, that's what I'm thinking; it may be different for you. But, let's face it: This is a fashion trend with nothing but torment in its future.

As an aside, one good thing about having the perfect length nails is that you can pick your nose more efficiently. You sacrifice this benefit if you keep them very short (as I do now), but I don't imagine the WalMart lady is going to do much good at booger removal with those spears she's wearing, either.