The best ones were around the roundball floor. When the boys were playing basketball, you could actually act as if you were going to get a snow-cone and surreptitously go underneath the bleachers. An opening between each seat would reveal actual panties. Oh my God! Panties. Could they have named them anything more delicious? White cotton panties on the girls you desired.

Well, actually the girls you desired the most were down there cheerleading, but you take what you can get.

Not so much fun with baseball, since they mostly wore shorts outside. And football: Forget about it. These were stone assbusting seats with no underneath playtime.

In baseball, they were permanent. In football, they were permanent. However, in basketball, they rolled back into the wall to be rolled out at gametime. There's some sort of great cotton panties / removable bleachers / roundball idea here, but I can't wrap my small brain around it right now.