It was a big risk, and they felt it deep inside, even though neither of them wanted to talk about it: That huge loan from the bank that they would be paying off for 20 years, IF they were able to make a go of it.

The trust which was so crucial here was palpable. You could see it float in the air between them like an aura of thread. They had to pledge not only to remain married for the rest of their lives; they also had to work together, side by side, each and every day.

Abe and Annie would get to work at 5:30 AM each morning, except for Sundays. Annie would put on a pot of coffee while Abe put on his leather apron and began to sort the shoes which he would work on in the morning hours. Annie would dust and sweep out the store until opening time at 7:00. At that time, she would take her place behind the register on the same stool she sat on today. Thirty five years and millions of pairs of shoes later.

That old faded dollar was in a $2 frame on the wall behind the register. It had fallen several times. Each time, Annie would replace the glass without a thought of buying a new frame. Each time she looked at it,

All she could see was love.