Return to The Borg, oh (person)

The [borgo|Borg], oh.
He lost his mind inside [How to brush your teeth in a combat zone|the war], oh.
But he came back home to his [Ohio]
Where he likes to [yips|tee it up], oh,
And then go slip into [drinking problem|his cups], yo.

Where he'll also likely die, oh.
Some might say that he's a [wino]
But [Anna and her Mother: spinning me in circles|Anna] thinks he's doing fine, yo.
In his chest they poured some [Draino].

A [buckeye] will sprout out of his eye, oh,
And his soul will forever fly, oh,
In the skies above Ohio.
Marines are men but they can cry, oh.
As they all salute with "[Semper Fi]", oh.