Voted off the island this week: Saige.

Still left on the island:
knifegirl, jessicapierce, ideath, Deborah909, moJoe, dem bones, dannye, Pseudo-Intellectual, theFez, nate, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"I liked the girl and all. I don't know if she liked me. I'm not a very sociable person; I don't even know why they asked me to be on this show. I know this, however: Whoever coded this island sure did a lousy job. I guess it was Survivor2 and the Survivor Development Company. That's what one guy from CBS told me.

"As for Saige leaving, I hope she just wasn't trying to get away from me. I had brought some Brian Eno along on an MP3 file in my butt chip, and I tried to get her to listen to some of it. Trouble was, the volume was so low that I had to kind of push her head down towards the speaker, and I think she might have taken it the wrong way. I sure hope not. It's not like I get to be alone with that many pretty girls. My dating motto is this: 'Slowly, steady,...' and I think in this fast-paced world, the essence of that just gets lost.

"I don't know. I do know it's entropy, man. No matter what you do, time will destroy it on its own. So I don't let it bother me too much.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can last here without a good server. I may have to pull a core dump and get out of here before I have to do a whole lot more 'interacting' with these folks. I'd never really met most of them in real life, and they are not your Aunt Edna's bridge club. These are some seriously fucked up individuals. I wouldn't trust my ass chip to any of them, even bones. He's found some plants here that he's put land mines around and he's just not himself lately. I thought sure I could trust him.

"'Trust.' Sounds cool and means nothing.

"Oh, well.... move along, there's no one to talk to here."

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