I must say, this movie was so well-done that it brought a cold chill up my spine, thinking about the entire idea of Jesus.

My dad was a Baptist Preacher (just part-time, not the big church, big hair, big smile, big money type) for a while when I was young, and it really turned me off to the concept of the church and Christ and all of that. But there's a yearning in there; a deep pit somewhere in my gut that knows something is Right about that whole deal.

As Baptists, we weren't so much into the suffering of Christ as we were the fires of Hell if you didn't clean up your act, right now! My wife is an ex-Catholic, and I understand now that they look at the sufferings of Christ in a much different light than do non-Catholic Christians. I've never seen that portrayed in a better way than in this movie.

Who knows the Truth of all this? You don't. Nor would I even pretend to. However, you should be open-minded enough to allow that making fun of the sufferings of Jesus is probably a fairly inane act.

If he actually did die for my sins, I thank him and offer this writeup in his honor. I know it's not much, but it's all I can do right now.