I have Dali's paintings of Jesus at The Last Supper and Jesus on the Cross hanging in my living room where I make sure I see them every single day. There have never been two better statements of both the effect of Jesus on our lives as well as the surrealistic idea of Jesus in toto. Dali had a real good idea about what's going on here. I'm sorry he's no longer with us.

Did you see him on the Tonight Show many years ago where he unveiled his latest work, Smoke? It consisted of a veil which, when uncovered, released a bunch of smoke (duh). Dali just stood there in amazed wonder as the smoke floated away. Johnny Carson was, for once, speechless.

A genius, without question, even though Robert Hughes comments in the Guardian Unlimited upon the 100th Anniversary of Dali's birth, "...he held court at the St Regis in New York, where he favoured new acquaintances with foul gusts of the worst human breath I have ever smelt." Hughes goes on to discuss Dali's unseemly love of money and his "harpy" of a wife, Gala. But he winds up saying that Dali's two most important works are his "Paranoiac-Astral Image" (1934) and "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans - Premonition of Civil War" (1936). Those are two very different studies, and are both quite a departure from the Biblical images I enjoy.