Well, here's a first! I attempted to create this node, and it already existed as a nodeshell. Does that mean I'll change my mind about how much I hate these damn nodeshells? I think not.

If you have to eat something at McDonald's, aside from the fries, this would be my suggestion. It's the only thing I can eat there, and I only eat there in a desperate situation. There's a node on here by freeborn about strategies for getting fresh food at a McDonald's. And you tell me this isn't a useful collection of data?

I still remember eating my first 15-cent hamburger at a McDonalds when they first opened. The fries were 15 cents, too (I think). It was in Florence, AL. Almost all of the original golden arches are gone now.

If you want a good burger in a hurry, my suggestion would be to find a Back Yard Burger joint. The tomatoes and onions are fresh and it won't be warmed up in a microwave. Get the hot pepper cheese on it for a twist.