Yes, we have been searching for the rectal orifice of the universe for some time now, and jes04 has made the final discovery. This is truly, and I say this as one who has traveled the entire world (well, a bunch of it) and has seen thousands of contenders: The asshole of not only this universe, but all possible parallel universes as well, is Pine Bluff, AR.

I actually know someone who has lived in Pine Bluff, AR, for several years. When I see him, all I can think to say is, "Why?"

This is a city built on welfare. See what you get? The horrid odors, the rampant crime, the ugly streets, the corrupt politicians, the crooked judges, the college that teaches nothing at all . . . It's a hell-hole, and by that, I mean it is a hole where you one day may go if you are sentenced to the horrors, damnations, tribulations, bad cooking, and general evility of Hell. Not to belabor the point.