If you are a man, and you're having lower back problems, do you know what the problem most likely is? Been getting any lately? Been getting too much? Having too much fun with old lady thumb and her four daughters? Well,then, that pesky prostate glad is a thing which you must deal with, sooner or later. If this is your problem, you may be experiencing some difficulty when shaking hands with the umemployed. You can find out real quick by having a doctor or your significant other do the little "test" -- OUCH! If this is your problem, there is a new drug out called Hytrin. It is a miracle cure for enlarged prostate. The pain associated with this condition would be felt in the middle of your back and would radiate down your upper legs, if it was severe.

Now, if you feel this pain to the side of your spine, around your belt level (assuming you wear a belt; if you're a Sansabelt guy, then you definitely have the above condition), you have a problem with you sciatic nerve. (Hey, I'm no MD, so if this terminology is incorrect, don't hire a lawyer, OK?) In this case, a chiropractor can do you a world of good. In fact, it's probably the only thing a chiropractor is good for.