Those beautiful and delicate little bugs that you see around this time of year. The typical ladybug is a beetle that has a shell that is predominantly red with black spots. Do you know that I had one of these light on my hand when I was at recess in grammar school, and I took it in the classroom with me where it stayed all afternoon? I let it go when school was out, and I've always been very careful never to harm a ladybug since. They eat aphids, you know? (A fact for you rose lovers.)

There's also another type which can infest your house for a couple of weeks. The Asian ladybug is more prone to be the source of the infestation. It usually looks like a typical ladybug except it will have a burnt-orange shell instead of a red one. They have a chemical in them which makes them smell and taste bad to birds, but the smell is released when the bug is under some form of attack -- or if the bug is crushed. In isolated cases, people who have tried to rid themselves of the insects by crushing large numbers of them have regretted it.

Unless your house is under attack by ladybugs, please do not harm them. I think they may be a higher life form.