Yeah, I remember the girl. Name was Icy-Hot, I think. Used to hang out up there with all them freaks and queers. I had me a damn fine little fillin' station around here. Fed my three kids and sent 'em to college on that fillin' station. Then Icy-Hot done to me what college done to them kids: Fucked 'em. Screwed everything up.

Hell, I didn't care if they sat up there and smoked that mary jane and got all drunk on whisky. I'd go up there and shake my fist in the air at 'em sometimes, and yell, "Get outta here, you whippersnappers!" But I's mostly just amusin' myself. I used to be a kid; I know what happens.

But when that Icy-Hot started putting those flyers around telling folks that my pumps were foulin' the nests around here, that's what done it. I shoulda seen it comin'. She weren't never no good for nothin'.

Now I sit here and watch 'em tear down my old station. I rub the tattoo on my arm that's wearin' off and wonder if it's even worth it to get upset any more. Hell, I didn't know them tanks were supposed to be buried so deep.

Damn Icy-Hot and damn the EPA. But just damn me, too, while I'm at it, I guess.