You kids with your fancy talk. Phat. We used to play around with that phoneme. In fact, a good friend of mine went by the handle Ph. But it stood for phart. He had gastro-intestinal problems which could empty a car in two seconds. I shit you not, there was this one time we picked up this American Indian dude who was hitchhiking back to Wisconsin or some such place, and we were in this old Chevy that had been wrecked, and the windows didn't work. So Ph lets one fly (and he always prided himself on the auditory quality of his work, but this never ceased to take a back seat to the aroma), and speaking of back seats; that's where the hitchhiker was, trying to take a nap. He woke up suddenly and tried to roll the window down. As the handle just turned in his hand, like some sort of dysfunctional jack in the box, the full power of the air biscuit hit him. I don't think I ever saw, before or since, a person's face actually turn green. He opened the door and puked on the side of Highway 36 at 60 MPH.

But what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Blunt. What's up with this blunt stuff? Was reefer, joint, nail, doobie, etc. not good enough for you? Gotta come up with one of your own? Well, this one sucks. At least the way we used to roll 'em, it sucks. Why, back in my day, any "blunt" would be as tapered at the end as a pig's dick. No, I have never seen a pig's dick, but this girl told me about them. No, I won't give you her phone number. Shut up.

There were a couple of ways to make a marijuana cigarette actually blunt on the end. One was this contraption with a little handle and a large rubber thing on rollers. That never took off. Too bulky to carry around, and we know that dope smokers must be mobile, eh? The better idea was the little magic carpet roller. I think they were called Bamboo Rollers. This was the ticket to the perfect spliff. The little drug rug was about the size of a dollar bill, but just a bit wider. It had (perhaps) 50 little reeds attached by a couple of strings, just like a little rug. The two ends were pieces of cardboard, about the size of a business card.

You'd lay the little magic carpet down and put your rolling paper on the little reeds. You'd leave just about a quarter of an inch between the cardboard end and the bottom of the paper. There's where you'd put your dope. Then all you had to do was fold the cardboard end over the dope and gently roll the little reeds up until all you could see was the gummed part of the paper. Lick, stick, and voila: The perfect joint. The phat blunt, if you will. Although we would have whipped some hippie's ass if he'd used that term back then. . . Operation Just 'Cause.