Oh, the rending of garments. The gnashing of teeth. How the beards were torn asunder with banshee like wails. The poll: describe your mousepad went down like the Titanic. Slowly but surely. All those famous noders and multitudinous writeups on this saintly subject, butchered like so many cows for Big Macs.

"How long have you wanted to do this, dannye?"

Ever since I logged on to this black hole of a web site.

"Do you think it's going to piss people off?"

I did it on a user's request in the delete request node.

"You did not. You did it because you always hated that node with a passion!"

Did not.


Well, it's done now. I can't take it back.

Nodes/writeups removed today:

  • If you were a Greek letter, which one would you be? by dwyn. User /msg'd.
    -OK, here's a policy I will try to abide by now, as in the "Node Titles With the Word Fuck in Them" policy. Anything which looks as if it's starting a NEW poll, with no point which can be possibly discerned by a reasonable adult, I'm going to remove it before it becomes the eyesore that the item above did. Thank you for your understanding.
  • I would like to make love to jessicapierce by stride. Content? "Duh."
    -User was in the catbox seemingly bragging about noding while drunk. I do not find this amusing, if this is the best user can do under the influence.
  • Who wants to send me a postcard?! by PJ_Jules w/ w/u by nine9.
    -C'mon, folks. Begging for mail? This really does make us all look bad, I fear.
  • the system is corrupted and unjust by redgirlie. User /msg'd.
    -New user complains that she heard from someone that something might have happened at one time that may or may not have been unjust on E2, but she's not sure.
  • 17 w/u's in What's in your CD player?.
    -I left the ones which did not have massive downvotes. This is a vote dump site and needs Superfunding. (Oh, wait, I cleaned it up for Free!)
  • Who wants a random present from Juliet? with a ton of w/u's.
    -Hey, she said the expiration date was 7/17/00. That was a long time ago, eh?
  • 6 w/u's in First Kiss.
    -Just the ones that were a couple of meaningless words. However, I see a gleaming city on the hill where all nodes such as this are tossed over the edge while the crowds cheer in wild abandon.
  • Fuck the prom queen by PMD. User /msg'd.
    -Again, I tell you, these useless nodes have to begone, but they are sure to get noticed more quickly w/ "fuck" in the title.
  • emmet swimming by realgb. 11/13. No links.
  • The baby Jesus can just suck it up by shoegazer. User /msg'd.
    -You know, if the kid didn't live where I do, I wouldn't care so much.