I want to apologize for not posting an Editor Log in a while. I feel really bad about it.

But, I've made a decision to quit posting the Logs. I don't mean to come off as special or anything; and I think folks here who know me understand that I don't care about any of that sort of stuff. My one and only concern is for the nodegel, the data base, and the shiny happy noders holding hands.

I'll just list my reasons and let you decide if I'm out of bounds here:

  • I don't have time.
  • I want to spend time writing (something else).
  • I'm tired of explaining what I've done to folks who (mostly) don't care what I think anyway.
  • It became harder and harder to not get cocky in explaining why I was removing stuff.
  • The Stile mini-revolution caused me to realize there were just not enough hours in the day to nuke and log. I never realized so many folks could be so jealous of a website. Pitiful.
  • Nate has made node heaven for those who used to ask, "Where did my fucking w/u go?"
  • MoJoe doesn't do it.
  • OK, that last one wasn't a real good reason, was it?
  • You should already know why your w/u was removed, if you really want to hang around here.

I'll add more later, if I think of them. But I appreciate the time you Editors and gods spend in this effort, and I especially appreciate the time sensei has put into the activation and the concept here. So please don't think of this as disrespectful. And I hope my attitude here doesn't cause others to rethink the great work they do in logging all this material.

Think of it as my perfect assimilation into the nodegel which asks no questions nor requires any answers.