Nodes/writeups removed today:
  • Get off my back, Asshole by e1ven. Newbie rant about how spelling doesn't matter.
    -I don't know how many times it will have to be said before people will listen, but spelling matters,

    A LOT.

    Just because your parents and your crummy English teachers didn't care if you could spell, that doesn't mean that this will carry over into the Real World. E2 is the Real World, and it Really matters here. So get used to it and quit whining. If you don't care enough about your self-image and about this data base to check your spelling, I fail to see why we should care very much about what you have to say. (Someone said this better than me somewhere else on here. I think I may have stolen their ideas by way of insane memory disease. Sorry.)

    (Oh, Look! I just found a new website called "" which will check your spelling!)

  • out of cheese error and cookie and pi by main(). With maximum penalty. User /msg'd.
    -You know, there are so many really good new users coming aboard. Then, there are these...
  • Duplicate node, Your first writeup, fxmastermind, and first impression by FX. User /msg'd.
    -For some unknown reason, this user insists on making short writeups in big type with little ideas. This will have to stop.
  • A handful of nodes by slightlymadman. User request.
    -You see, if you new folks will read the front page, you can avoid all this extra work for your unpaid editors later on, when you find out you like it here and want all your early "mistakes" to "go away."
  • tehy by dimka. Please don't node misspelled words!
    -Oooh, that makes me mad.
  • Three requsts by Crux.
  • What's so great about breasts? by Strawberry_Milk at user's request.
    -Although, I must say, I was tempted to answer that question for the user.
  • Nuked a node about "guess a number between 1 and 10" after Wharfinger had killed the original w/u.
    -I agreed that it should go. Meaningless waste of space. He /msg'd users.
  • A "sexist joke" w/u by derc. The stupid joke had alredy been told.
    -Does this user not read the node prior to posting his "stuff?"

On the DMan events of yesterday: I, like Knifegirl, am sorry I even got involved. I'd like to tell Jet-Poop and theFez and anyone else who was involved in this debacle that I do not, in any way, condone the way DMan has comported himself in public arguments. I've tried my best to get him to keep things private when he has a disagreement. However, I do think that some folks here are aggravating the situation.

Solution? I wish I knew. I do know that this whole ongoing mess has become tiresome and very, very boring.