Folks usually get married with the idea of having kids. That's really the purpose of marriage, from a societal standpoint. Propagation of the species, and all that bloody rot. But you will find many married couples who never have any children. Why is that? .

Well, some find out they cannot have children, due to biological problems. These folks tend to try some sort of New World Order birth method, or they adopt. This usually solves the problem.

Some go into marriage with the idea that this is not a good idea for them or for the planet or for the potential child, whatever. They are probably among the happier childless couples. The other side is not a pretty sight.

It's this other group that I've always wondered about. And I know several folks in this situation. They get married without a real clear understanding of the "kid deal." They just assume that when it comes up, everything will work out OK. Unfortunately, life does not always work out like this.

Arguments arise over petty matters. Feelings are hurt. Money becomes a big subject of discussion. Sex is withheld in spite. They make up, but as time goes on, the idea of kids just gets to be an item that is no longer discussed. It's like the unseen monster that hangs somewhere over the mantle and the dining table and the bed.

They grow older, the biological clock timer goes off, Ding, and there you have it. No legacy, when everything in their bodies and in their minds was saying, "You better do this NOW!" The disappointment draws a strange sort of wrinkle in their faces as they work their way toward death,