The best ice in the world on which to chew comes from an industrial strength ice maker with a penguin as a logo. (See, pingouin, it just gets more cosmic as you go along, doesn't it?) The trade name is HOSHIZAKI. It was established in 1947 by Shigetoshi Sakamoto in Nagoya, Japan. (Wouldn't you know they'd be the best at making these, too?) HOSHIZAKI developed the first vending machine in Japan. It was a juice vending machine, called the Oasis.

If you are ever in a convenience store with the Model DCM240 Cubelet Dispenser staring at you, do not taint the precious ice from this machine with any sort of soft drink. Just get a cup of it and chew away while you fantasize about whatever this ice chewing really represents. Some have said that ice chewing represents sexual frustration. The jury is still out on that one.