This is how Rudy Giuliani and several other conservative city leaders have solved a lot of the problems which have plagued the inner cities since the advent of the Great Society. You could actually translate Great Society as "a society which will be so dependent upon us as their nanny that they will have no choice but to vote us into office, over and over again." That's how the Dems held the House of Representatives (the teat from whence Federal money flows) for so many years while their constituents wallowed in the despair that Public Housing and welfare heaped upon their ruined families.

The broken window syndrome is a sort of slippery slope argument. It says that if you allow one window in a building to remain broken, soon all the windows will be broken. I suppose they were talking about abandoned buildings, but it really doesn't matter: The point would be the same.

In Rudy's case, a lot of his work had to do with cleaning up the homeless vagrants who were ruining the New York experience for folks. I will never forget trying to get a sandwich downtown several years ago as a crazed, violent, filthy nutcase was jumping around on the sidewalk and spitting on everyone he could, for as long as he could hark up phlegm. Chances are good he had AIDS. This was when General David Dinkins was in power.

Say what you will about conservatives, but deep in your heart you know you'd rather live in a clean city.

Remember, a conservative is often a liberal who has been mugged or raped.