I caught Biff Rose one night on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and it was some wild and crazy stuff. He sang a song called Molly which I have, to this date, never gotten out of my mind. It began as a ballad about a young man who has left to join the circus and worked its way into a wonderful chorus concerning a girl named Molly. He also wrote a song called Fill Your Heart which was covered by David Bowie on his first and best album, Hunky Dory.

Biff Rose's album, which contains both these songs, was called "The Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side." If you can find it, you're a better man than I am. It was released in 1968 on Buddah Records.

He is from Nawlins and really never fit in with the rock scene, even though he was obviously a pretty stoned out hippie back then. Maybe it was because his piano-based songs sounded more like Broadway show tunes than rock songs. It is said, however, that David Bowie must have listened to Rose quite a bit and that his influence is heard throughout Hunky Dory.