To hear someone with the handle ApoxyButt dissing baseball. How can a man stand this? I'd shuffle off this mortal coil ere I let this stand!

First of all, it's probably a good idea to have actually played baseball as a kid. I'd think this might just be crucial to the whole idea. Then, you would understand the subtle beauty of the game. And there is no other game like it.

The cat and mouse interplay between the pitcher and batter is nice, but it's the things that go on around this interplay that make it such a spectator sport for so many.

  • Where is the outfield positioned? (Have you ever tried to run at full speed and catch a ball over your shoulder?)
  • Is the third baseman hugging the line or charging for a bunt? (Have you ever had a stinging line drive hit at your face while you're running toward the ball?)
  • Is the suicide squeeze play on? (Have you ever had a guy slide into your face with his steel cleats pointed at your chin?)
  • Are they playing for a double play? (Have you ever had a guy try to break your legs as you were in mid-air throwing a ball?)

I don't know; it's just little moments of action such as this that make the game so fulfilling.

If you want to try and discover how complicated baseball is, sit in the stands with a person who has never seen a baseball game in their life and try to explain what's happening. I doubt if you'll walk away thinking it's boring. You may not like it, my glue-stained friend, but it damn sure ain't boring.