Here’s a great scenario for the future of all of the Americas.

Vicente Fox has just managed to end the 71-year rule of the corrupt PRI in Mexico. It’s sort of like when Republicans began being elected in the South to end the one-party rule that leads, invariably, to corruption. But this could also lead Mexico into the economic revival that country needs so badly.

Here’s a quote Fox used on the stump:

"If I advance, follow me!
If I stop, push me!
If I retreat, kill me!"

I like that spirit! His issues of free market economics, tax reform, downsized government, stock-market ownership, business entrepreneurship, and traditional family virtues sound a lot like, say, George W. Bush, don’t they?

What if this led to a sort of conservative revolution that put Bush in the White House and Stockwell Day in charge of our neighbor to el Norte?

Fox favors closer relations with the US, so that would go a long way to solving some of our problems with Mexico: Illegal immigration and drug traffic. Of course, if he were to help bring about a revival of the economy in Mexico, folks might not be so eager to cross over here to find work.

Stockwell Day is a supply sider who favors a 17% flat tax and a pro-growth agenda to end the consequences of Liberal Canadian premiere Jean Chrétien : High taxes, pork-barrel spending, Canadian dollar devaluation, and those ultra-liberal social policies some of you folks on here are so fond of.

If, in fact, these three become the heads of state in North America, they would provide a better chemistry between the three countries then at any time in history. There is the potential for a North American, free-market-oriented, dollarized-common-market trading zone, who could not only help themselves, but the whole of America, North and South. That would make Hong Kong's eyes light up, wouldn't it?